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Welcome to "brick game simulator" homepage. bgs is crossplatform puzzle game simulation engine which currently supports tetris. It features skin support and WinAPI GUI for Win32. It uses SDL as multimedia library.

Recently I was playing with Symbian OS devkits. Since SDL for Epoc does exist, I might continue working on project. I still want to work on it, but I need some experienced hand which might answer my questions and could get online couple of times a week. See ya.

bgs 0.8 release is in "planning" stages.
Please visit this thread and leave your comments.

You can find bgs project page here.
You can find latest version of bgs here.
You can find 0.7-rc1 screenshots here.
You can find usefull bgs related files here.

You can find obsolete bgs packaged releases here.
You can find old screenshots here.
You can find old skin prototypes here.
We are currently searching for people to help.
Please use our public forums to discuss bgs.
You can discuss bgs on one of the forums (russian forum).

I think that readme.current file might explain you that we are really serious about that project.

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